Hair Fairy Clips Blog!


My design process started with thought I have, usually late at night when I am in bed trying to sleep. Sometimes these ideas won’t go away until I get out of bed and heat up my glue gun and try it out. It starts with colours that I think would look pretty together. I get inspiration from magazines, blogs and pinterest.

Once I have the colours set I look for a feature piece to complete the look, like a crown, rhinestone, button or a pearl bead. You will find me legs crossed on the floor in my studio with boxes everywhere trying different embellishments together until I find the perfect combination. After making it, it needs to pass the Skye test. This is where I ask my daughter Skye to wear it for a whole day. If I still like the design at the end of the day it has a good chance of becoming a new product in my store.

The pretty posie collection has been very popular and I have been thinking about making some single styles for girls that don’t wear pairs. Maybe with double leaves for double the fun. I might use a longer alligator hair clip to hold onto my hair for older girls or funky mums to wear. So stay tuned…