Fairy Princesses

Adorable Ella

One of my lovely customers email me the other day with some gorgeous pictures of her daughter Ella wearing Hair Fairy Clips. I am very excited to share them with you, isn’t she adorable!

“Ella absolutely loves playing with animals, whether is cats, dogs, rabbits, cows, sheep. It’s a special treat to take her to the baby animal farm. She is always carrying around her Upsy daisy doll, and loves to wear her upsy daisy pj’s and Dorothy the dinosaur dress. When I put these on she likes to give the clothes a “cuggle” (cuddle) as she says when she does it. Custard is her favorite food and she often asks for it “cucky” and also banana’s. When Ella wakes up each morning she likes to give us (Mum & Dad) a kiss and if that doesn’t wake us up she starts hitting us until we wake up!" Janice